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2015 May 13 - St. Louis - Jay Adkisson to present "Asset Protection Update" at the Estate Planning Symposium to Benefit the St. Louis Childrens' Hospital

2015 May 4 - ALI-CLE Webinar - Jay Adkisson to be a panelist for "Domestic Asset Protection Trusts: Effectiveness and Ethics from the View of Planners and Creditors" sponsored by the American Law Institute

2015 June 23 - Orange County, CA - Jay Adkisson to present "Asset Protecton Hot Topics" at the STEP Orange County Chapter luncheon




Jay Adkisson featured in Clyde Leland's Chasing the Money as published in California Lawyer Magazine, July, 2010

Jay Adkisson featured in Eli Sander's The Great West Coast Newspaper War as published by The Seattle Stranger, March 16, 2010




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 Jay AdkissonJAY D. ADKISSON

Jay Adkisson is best known as the creator of Quatloos.com and as a book author and popular legal and financial speaker on a variety of topics. Jay is an attorney who practices in the areas of creditor-debtor litigation, asset protection and wealth preservation, and captive insurance companies and insurance/reinsurance litigation. He is also a contributor to Forbes magazine.

Jay Adkisson earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1988, and was a member of the Oklahoma Law Review. He has been admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Oklahoma (1989), Texas (1993), California (2007), Nevada (2012), Arizona (2012), the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Circuits, and numerous federal district courts nationwide. In 23 years of practicing law, he has been in litigation and trials from Houston to Miami to Delaware to Tacoma to San Diego, and many places in between.

Jay is a member of the American Bar Association and is active in leadership in the Business Law and Real Property, Trusts and Estate (RPTE) sections.

  • Vice-Chair, 2012 to 2015, Committee on Financial Services and Insurance in the RPTE Section

  • American Bar Association Advisor, 2012-14, Uniform Laws Commission Committee on the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (formerly the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act)

  • American Bar Associatin Advisor, 2014-2015, Uniform Laws Commission Committee on the Uniform Series of Unincorporated Business Entities (a/k/a Uniform Series LLC Act)

  • Past Chair, 2012 to 2014, Committee on Captive Insurance Companies in the Business Law Section

Jay is a founding partner of Riser Adkisson LLP, with his offices in Newport Beach, California, and Henderson, Nevada.

Follow Jay's commentary regarding various topics on LinkedIn and on Twitter


LinkedIn Asset Protection Forum ASSET PROTECTION PLANNING

Nationally known as a leading critic of abusive asset protection and offshore strategies, Jay is the author, along with Mr. Chris Riser, of "Asset Protection: Concepts and Strategies" (McGraw-Hill, 2004), available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Now published in Chinese, Riser & Adkisson's Asset Protection: Concepts & Strategies" is the worldwide best-seller on the topic of asset protection. Available through Amazon China.

Jay regularly speaks to professional groups and associations about the ethics and morality of asset protection planning, and the need for such planning to be fully disclosed and legal. He has presented to the American Bar Association, many state and county bar associations, the University of Miami's Heckerling Institute, the Southern California Tax & Estate Planning Forum and other prestigious groups.

Jay's lectures have included "The Ethics and Morality of Asset Protection Planning" (presentation to the American Bar Association), "Avoiding Fraudulent Transfers", "Charging Order Protection", and "Why Offshore Trusts Fail". Jay has also provided guidance to various creditors groups and law enforcement agencies on how to spot and defuse abusive asset protection schemes.

Read Jay Adkisson's latest commentary about Asset Protection and related topics at Forbes and follow Jay's thoughts about asset protection on LinkedIn and Twitter


LinkedIn California Judgment EnforcementCREDITOR-DEBTOR LAW

Having been involved early in his career in several high profile commercial cases that had significant international collection aspects, a part of Jay's practice has continued to be in the area of creditor-debtor law, including collections and judgment enforcement of large and difficult cases.

Jay is an honorary member of the California Association of Judgment Professionals, which is the largest trade group in California of judgment enforcers. Jay has lectured on defeating asset protection plans to collection agents of the U.S. Internal Revenue Services, attorneys of the U.S. Department of Justice, and other professional groups.

Jay publishes the California Creditor-Debtor Law Forum at http://www.calejl.com to further the study of the California Enforcement of Judgments Law by practitioners. Follow Jay's commentary on California creditor-debtor law on LinkedIn and on Twitter

He is currently an Advisor to the Uniform Laws Comission Committee considering revisions to the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act, and has been appointed a Receiver by the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.



Jay was first exposed to the international alternative risk markets in 1995 while representing a European client. In 1998, Jay became one of the three founding members of Manchester Strategic Advisors LLC, which at that time was one of original captive insurance consulting firms. It was at this time that Jay created the concept and coined the phrase for the Closely-Held Insurance Company (CHIC), which was a captive insurance company used for a wealth transfer and preservation function as a secondary benefit to providing insurance against perils.

In 2006, Jay published "Adkisson's Captive Insurance Companies: An Introduction to Captives, Closely-Held Insurance Companies and Risk Retention Groups" which has become the best-selling guide to captive insurance companies. Jay continues to actively consult with business owners about the structuring and formation of new captive insurance companies. See http://www.captiveinsurancecompanies.com for more information. This book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Jay is the current Chair of the Committee on Captive Insurance of the American Bar Association's Business Law Section.

Today, Jay's practice includes forming "pure" captive structures, consulting on existing captives, and litigating issues involving captive insurance companies and related structures. Follow Jay's commentary regarding captive insurance companies and alternative risk transfer issues on LinkedIn and on Twitter



Jay is the author of "Equity-Indexed Annuities: The Smart Consumer's Guide" (2006), which discusses this advanced form of fixed annuities. This book gives a balanced look at one of the use of one of the most popular financial tools ever to be sold, including when they can and cannot be used, suitability issues, and understanding their basic operation. Jay formerly held FINRA Series 4 (Registered Options Principal), 7, 63 and 65.



Although he does not practice in the area of taxation, Jay has long been a leading foe of those who promote abusive tax schemes or financial frauds.

Jay is the Creator and Editor of Quatloos! (quatloos.com), an internationally famous internet website which exposes financial frauds and scams, and which has won many honors. Since Quatloos.com went online in 1998, it has helped tens of thousands of people avoid being scammed out of literally billions of dollars, and helped to educate many thousands of people (and also enforcement personnel) about tax scams and tax scam promoters.

Jay has testified was featured in the Forbes’ Article “Build Your Own Soapbox” in the Fall 2000 Best of the Web special edition for his work with Quatloos! Jay has also appeared on ABC's 20/20 and in financial publications such as the Wall Street Journal, and numerous other television and radio programs to discuss various financial frauds and tax scams.

Jay occasionally assists various groups of the Internal Revenue Service with continuing education and training on tax scams, asset protection, and related issues.

Jay enjoys taking litigation and collection matters against financial fraud artists and promoters of abusive tax schemes.



Jay has twice appeared as an expert witness before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee to testify about various tax scams.

Jay accepts representations to act as an expert witness in appropriate matters.



After losing his eye to deadly choroidal melanoma cancer in 2000, Jay started the first internet website at http://www.losteye.com that was dedicated to addressing the concerns of those who had lost an eye to whatever cause. This website has provided substantial information and support to tens of thousands of such persons worldwide.

In 2006, Jay published the book Coping with Monocular Vision after Enucleation or Eye Loss from Cancer, Accident, or Disease to assist others with the physical changes and psychological trauma occasioned by the loss of an eye.


Forbes Jay's regular column for Forbes™ can be found at http://www.forbes.com/sites/jayadkisson/


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