Jay Adkisson is best known as the creator of Quatloos.com and as a book author and popular legal and financial speaker on a variety of topics. Jay is an attorney who practices in the areas of creditor-debtor litigation, asset protection and wealth preservation, and captive insurance companies and insurance/reinsurance litigation. He is also a contributor to Forbes magazine.

Jay Adkisson

Jay Adkisson earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1988, and was a member of the Oklahoma Law Review. He has been admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Oklahoma (1989), Texas (1993), California (2007), Nevada (2012), Arizona (2012), the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Circuits, and numerous federal district courts nationwide. In 23 years of practicing law, he has been in litigation and trials from Houston to Miami to Delaware to Tacoma to San Diego, and many places in between.

Jay is a member of the American Bar Association and is active in leadership in the Business Law and Real Property, Trusts and Estate (RPTE) sections.

Vice-Chair, 2012 to 2015, Committee on Financial Services and Insurance in the RPTE Section

American Bar Association Advisor, 2012-14, Uniform Laws Commission Committee on the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (formerly the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act)

American Bar Association Advisor, 2014-2015, Uniform Laws Commission Committee on the Uniform Series of Unincorporated Business Entities (a/k/a Uniform Series LLC Act)

Past Chair, 2012 to 2014, Committee on Captive Insurance Companies in the Business Law Section

Jay is a founding partner of Riser Adkisson LLP, with his offices in Newport Beach, California, and Henderson, Nevada.

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Nationally known as a leading critic of abusive asset protection and offshore strategies, Jay is the author, along with Mr. Chris Riser, of "Asset Protection: Concepts and Strategies" (McGraw-Hill, 2004), available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Now published in Chinese, Riser & Adkisson's Asset Protection: Concepts & Strategies" is the worldwide best-seller on the topic of asset protection. Available through Amazon China.

Jay regularly speaks to professional groups and associations about the ethics and morality of asset protection planning, and the need for such planning to be fully disclosed and legal. He has presented to the American Bar Association, many state and county bar associations, the University of Miami's Heckerling Institute, the Southern California Tax & Estate Planning Forum and other prestigious groups.

Jay's lectures have included "The Ethics and Morality of Asset Protection Planning" (presentation to the American Bar Association), "Avoiding Fraudulent Transfers", "Charging Order Protection", and "Why Offshore Trusts Fail". Jay has also provided guidance to various creditors groups and law enforcement agencies on how to spot and defuse abusive asset protection schemes.

Read Jay Adkisson's latest commentary about Asset Protection and related topics at Forbes and follow Jay's thoughts about asset protection on LinkedIn and Twitter


Having been involved early in his career in several high profile commercial cases that had significant international collection aspects, a part of Jay's practice has continued to be in the area of creditor-debtor law, including collections and judgment enforcement of large and difficult cases.

Jay is an honorary member of the California Association of Judgment Professionals, which is the largest trade group in California of judgment enforcers. Jay has lectured on defeating asset protection plans to collection agents of the U.S. Internal Revenue Services, attorneys of the U.S. Department of Justice, and other professional groups.

Jay publishes the California Creditor-Debtor Law Forum at http://www.calejl.com to further the study of the California Enforcement of Judgments Law by practitioners. Follow Jay's commentary on California creditor-debtor law on LinkedIn and on Twitter

He is currently an Advisor to the Uniform Laws Commission Committee considering revisions to the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act, and has been appointed a Receiver by the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.


Jay was first exposed to the international alternative risk markets in 1995 while representing a European reinsurance company client. In 1998, Jay became one of the three founding members of Manchester Strategic Advisors LLC, which at that time was one of original captive insurance consulting firms. It was at this time that Jay created the concept and coined the phrase for the Closely-Held Insurance Company (CHIC), which was a captive insurance company used for a wealth transfer and preservation function as a ancillary benefit to providing insurance against perils.

In 2006, Jay published "Adkisson's Captive Insurance Companies: An Introduction to Captives, Closely-Held Insurance Companies and Risk Retention Groups" which has become the best-selling guide to captive insurance companies. Jay continues to actively consult with business owners about the structuring and formation of new captive insurance companies. See http://www.captiveinsurancecompanies.com for more information. This book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Jay is the current Chair of the Committee on Captive Insurance of the American Bar Association's Business Law Section.

Today, Jay's practice includes forming "pure" captive structures, consulting on existing captives, and litigating issues involving captive insurance companies and related structures. Follow Jay's commentary regarding captive insurance companies and alternative risk transfer issues on LinkedIn and on Twitter


Jay is the author of "Equity-Indexed Annuities: The Smart Consumer's Guide" (2006), which discusses this advanced form of fixed annuities. This book gives a balanced look at one of the use of one of the most popular financial tools ever to be sold, including when they can and cannot be used, suitability issues, and understanding their basic operation. Jay formerly held FINRA Series 4 (Registered Options Principal), 7, 63 and 65.


Although he does not practice in the area of taxation, Jay has long been a leading foe of those who promote abusive tax schemes or financial frauds.

Jay is the Creator and Editor of Quatloos! (quatloos.com), an internationally famous internet website which exposes financial frauds and scams, and which has won many honors. Since Quatloos.com went online in 1998, it has helped tens of thousands of people avoid being scammed out of literally billions of dollars, and helped to educate many thousands of people (and also enforcement personnel) about tax scams and tax scam promoters.

Jay has testified was featured in the Forbes’ Article “Build Your Own Soapbox” in the Fall 2000 Best of the Web special edition for his work with Quatloos! Jay has also appeared on ABC's 20/20 and in financial publications such as the Wall Street Journal, and numerous other television and radio programs to discuss various financial frauds and tax scams.

Jay occasionally assists various groups of the Internal Revenue Service with continuing education and training on tax scams, asset protection, and related issues.

Certificate of Appreciation for Participation in the IRS's Abusive Trust Project

Certificate of Appreciation for Contribution to Collection Division CPE

Certificate of Appreciation by IRS Criminal Investigation

Jay enjoys taking litigation and collection matters against financial fraud artists and promoters of abusive tax schemes.


Jay has twice appeared as an expert witness before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee to testify about various tax scams.

Jay's Testimony before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee: "Charity Oversight and Reform: Keeping Bad Things from Happening to Good Charities" Taped video of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee June 22, 2004 (in .wmv format).

Jay's written testimony (June 22, 2004) (pdf)

Jay's Testimony Before U.S. Senate Finance Committee: "Taxpayer Beware: Schemes, Scams, and Cons" Taped video of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, 5 April 2001 (in .ram format). Download RealPlayer first if you don't already have it on your system.

Jay's Testimony Before U.S. Senate Finance Committee: "Taxpayer Beware: Schemes, Scams, and Cons" Jay's Written Statement before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, 5 April 2001 (in .pdf format).

Jay accepts representations to act as an expert witness in appropriate matters.


After losing his eye to deadly choroidal melanoma cancer in 2000, Jay started the first internet website at http://www.losteye.com that was dedicated to addressing the concerns of those who had lost an eye to whatever cause. This website has provided substantial information and support to tens of thousands of such persons worldwide.

In 2006, Jay published the book Coping with Monocular Vision after Enucleation or Eye Loss from Cancer, Accident, or Disease to assist others with the physical changes and psychological trauma occasioned by the loss of an eye.


2015 June 23 - Orange County, CA - Jay Adkisson to present "Asset Protection Hot Topics" at the STEP Orange County Chapter luncheon


Jay Adkisson featured in Clyde Leland's Chasing the Money as published in California Lawyer Magazine, July, 2010

Jay Adkisson featured in Eli Sander's The Great West Coast Newspaper War as published by The Seattle Stranger, March 16, 2010



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Jay's regular column for Forbes™ can be found at http://www.forbes.com/sites/jayadkisson/

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Captive Insurance

2014/11/1 ~ Securitas Secures Big Win For Captive Insurance In U.S. Tax Court

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2014/4/20 ~ Life Insurance and the 831(b) Captive Insurance Company – Wait For The Test Case Before Signing Up

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Business Entities

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2014/12/1 ~ Single-Member LLC's Veil Pierced In Greenhunter

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2014/6/15 ~ The Series LLC And The Plight Of Unsecured Creditors

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2011/8/25 ~ KKR, Bruno's, the Fiduciary Shield Doctrine, and the Long Arm of Alabama

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2011/8/10 ~ Buffa's Bad Tuna: Debtor Owning 99% Of LLC Attempts To Dodge Charging Order By Paying Oversized Salary To Wife

2011/7/31 ~ Charging Orders and K.O.'d by the K-1 ... Not

Creditor-Debtor Generally

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2012/2/16 ~ Danielo: California's First Action Rule No Defense Against Home Equity Line Of Credit For Underwater Property

2011/8/14 ~ Murphy: Attempts To Dodge Personal Guarantees Means Misery For All Involved

Estate Planning

2014/11/12 ~ Beware The Estate Planning Aggregators And Their Planning Blueprints


2014/6/18 ~ Attorney Suspended For Violating Attachment Order In Benson

2013/8/26 ~ Attorney Disbarred For Hiding Assets For The Missus

2013/6/30 ~ Asset Protection Planning And California Rule Of Professional Conduct 3-210

Fraudulent Transfers

2014/11/18 ~ Positive Health Of The Fraudulent Transferee's Good Faith Defense

2014/11/1 ~ The Insolvent Debtor - Are Charity And Family Gifts Still Possible?

2014/10/26 ~ Living Expenses Of No Utility To Creditors In Schlussel

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2014/1/22 ~ The $867 Dispute Becomes An $883,654 Judgment In Ravet

2014/1/18 ~ Attorney's Time Slips Slip Up Post-Judgment Attempts To Defraud Creditors In Frankel

2013/12/19 ~ Two Year Suspension For California Attorney Who Engaged In Fraudulent Transfer In Morris

2013/10/30 ~ Good Faith Transferees And The Perils Of Third-Party Payers

2013/10/15 ~ Hawaiian Fraudulent Transferee Hangs Ten To Punitive Damages

2013/9/23 ~ Fraudulent Transfers Trigger Crime/Fraud Exception And $10 Million Punitive Damages In Cutuli

2013/8/30 ~ One-Year Vacation From Practice For Attorney Who Fraudulently Transferred Assets

2013/7/2 ~ Bankrupt Milwaukee Archdiocese Apparently Caught In Fraudulent Transfer

2013/4/23 ~ Fraudulent Transfer Leads To Punitive Damages And Attorney's Fees Equal To Six Times The Amount Of The Underlying Judgment In Renbolt

2013/3/22 ~ What The Debtor Received In Return Is Key To Fraudulent Transfer Value Analysis

2013/1/31 ~ Existence Of Claim Renders Some Clients Seeking Asset Protection Effectively Dead On Arrival

2013/1/30 ~ Interspousal Transfers Without Value To Avoid Personal Guarantee Voided As Fraudulent Transfers In Lilly

2013/1/19 ~ Kremen -- Failure To Prove Fraudulent Transfer

2012/12/31 ~ Cohen - Lawyer's Transfer Of Wages To Entireties Account Only Partially Protected From Creditor When Fraudulently Transferred

2012/11/29 ~ Kilker - Asset Protection Intent In Making Transfers To Protect Against Future Creditors Means Disaster When Creditor Appears

2012/10/31 ~ Kenrob Information - The IRS Fights Off Fraudulent Transfer Claim For Debtor S-Corporation's Tax Reimbursements To Shareholders

2012/10/20 ~ Goldberg - Affidavit of Solvency Allows Asset Protection Attorney To Keep Fees Against Fraudulent Transfer Claim

2012/9/30 ~ Pearl -- Transfers to Revocable Trusts Were Not Fraudulent Transfers As To Creditors Of The Settlor

2012/8/29 ~ Kendall: Distressed Debtor's Late Transfers Set Aside As Fraudulent Transfers In Bankruptcy

2012/7/31 ~ Howrey: When The Sinking Ship Seeks The Cheese Back From The Fleeing Rats

2012/5/8 ~ Fraudulent Transfer Leads To Punitive Damages Award In California

2011/12/23 ~ Cohen: Temporary Restraining Order Issued Against Those Assisting Debtor With Fraudulent Transfers

2011/10/13 ~ The Sad Last Ballad of Jerry Lynn Williams: Divorce Decree Fails To Defeat Fraudulent Transfer Action

2011/9/27 ~ Schofield-Johnson: Husband's Failed Attempt To Shield Assets From The IRS By Transferring To Wife Who Transferred To An LLC

2011/9/20 ~ Racsko: Bankruptcy Trustee Of Mother Can Invade Her Children's Trust On Fraudulent Transfer Grounds

2011/8/13 ~ Dad's Looting Of Corporation By Making Gifts To His Kids Gets Them Caught Up In Fraudulent Transfers


2014/9/24 ~ Bitcoin Savings & Trust Comes Up $40 Million Short On The Trust Part

2014/9/17 ~ Weed Investments Go Up In Smoke, Says SEC

2013/10/23 ~ Fake Swedish Bank On Trial After Elaborate Scheme Leaves Investors With Nothing

2012/10/29 ~ Elephants and Donkeys Find Unhappiness In Sir Scam-A-Lot's Court

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2013/3/25 ~ Cyprus And The Death Of An Offshore Haven

Practice Issues

2013/7/29 ~ Will Your Malpractice Insurance Burn Up When You Need It?

Tax Schemes

2014/5/16 ~ SwissPartner’s Offshore Life Insurance Deal Finally Falls To Earth

2013/11/24 ~ Identical Twins: The LLC-2 Tax Shelter Takes Over Where the SC-2 Tax Shelter Left Off

2013/6/23 ~ Foster and Dunhill Scheme Ends In Denial Of Deductions And Indictments For Bogus Insurance Tax Shelter

2012/11/12 ~ Fear Not Windows 8, But Embrace It

2012/8/31 ~ Broughton -- Rented Assets And Bogus Offshore Insurance Companies

2012/2/9 ~ Sperl: Offshore Reinsurance Scheme And Other Tax Evasion Nets Accountant 36 Months

2013/2/27 ~ Nevada Corporation Solely Owned By California Resident Dodges California Taxes

2011/9/24 ~ 'Tis The Season For Tax Shelters, Fa La La La La And Grab Your Wallet


2014/8/23 ~ Power of Appointment Causes Bankruptcy Estate Inclusion in Behan

2014/8/18 ~ Delaware Anti-Suit Injunction Nixed As To Dynasty Trust In Kloiber

2014/8/11 ~ Trust Beneficiary Checkmated By Bankruptcy Code 548(e) In Castellano

2014/5/31 ~ Foreign Asset Protection Trust Scores A Victory In Bellinger

2014/2/25 ~ AsiaTrust Gets Hauled Into The California Courts

2013/11/20 ~ The Trust Protector Idea Isn't Just For Trusts

2013/10/28 ~ The Trust Protector As Fiduciary, And Why Maybe That Is A Bad Idea

2013/7/10 ~ Why Dahl Doesn't Support The Viability Of Domestic Asset Protection Trusts

2013/5/31 ~ Are Special Power of Appointment Trusts And Hybrid Trusts 'Similar Devices' To Self-Settled Trusts?

2013/5/22 ~ Domestic Asset Protection Trust Blows Up Bigger Than Alaska In Huber Case

2013/5/11 ~ Tenth Circuit Affirms Fraudulent Transfer Judgment Against Debtor's Wife And Her Cook Islands Trust

2013/5/10 ~ Discussion Of Offshore Trusts Leads To Asset Freeze In Las Vegas

2013/4/27 ~ Will Declaratory Judgment Actions Be The Savior Of Domestic Asset Protection Trusts? Probably Not.

2013/4/25 ~ The One Foreign Asset Protection Trust 'Win' Turns Out To Be A Dud

2012/12/25 ~ Zukerkorn -- Possible Bad News For Domestic Asset Protection Trusts In Conflict-Of-Laws Dispute

2012/11/30 ~ Yerushalmi - Old And Cold QPRT Stands Up To Alter Ego Challenge In Bankruptcy Adversary Proceeding

2012/11/29 ~ Rush University -- Transfers To A Cook Island Trust Held Per Se Fraudulent By Illinois Supreme Court

2012/8/25 ~ Trust Protectors -- What They Are And Why Probably Every Trust Should Have One

2012/7/16 ~ Thomas: Pre-Bankruptcy Exemption Planning Survives And An IRA Is A Self-Settled Trust Or Similar Device

2012/4/30 ~ Salahi: Control Over Trust Assets Neuters Spendthrift Trust Provisions In Virginia Bankruptcy Case

2012/4/2 ~ Weitz: New York Superior Court Holds That It Has Jurisdiction Over A Cook Islands Trustee For Fraudulent Transfers

2011/12/28 ~ The Real McCoy: Living Trust Provides Spendthrift Protection To Assets Of Beneficiary In Bankruptcy

2011/12/26 ~ Kornman: The Impossibility Defense and the Self-Created Impossibility Exception

2011/12/13 ~ Cutter: Too Much Control And Right To Access Neuters California Irrevocable Spendthrift Trust As An Asset Protection Trust

2011/11/22 ~ Quaid Redux: Original Settlor's Power To Revoke Protects Assets In Florida Trust

2011/11/15 ~ Easy Chart Regarding Effectiveness Of Asset Protection Trusts

2011/10/23 ~ Smith: Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust Results In Special Circumstances Allowing Less-Than-Three Creditors Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition

2011/10/19 ~ Mortensen: Alaska Asset Protection Trust Funded By Solvent Settlor Completely Fails To Protect Assets In Bankruptcy Against Future Creditors

2011/8/1 ~ As An Asset Protection Trust, Henry's Trust Was A Notable Failure

2011/7/22 ~ Hawaii Updates Its Domestic Asset Protection Trust Legislation -- Should You Care?


2015 May 13 - St. Louis - Jay Adkisson to present "Asset Protection Update" at the Estate Planning Symposium to Benefit the St. Louis Childrens' Hospital

2015 May 4 - ALI-CLE Webinar - Jay Adkisson to be a panelist for "Domestic Asset Protection Trusts: Effectiveness and Ethics from the View of Planners and Creditors" sponsored by the American Law Institute

2015 April 30 - American Bar Association CLE Webinar -- Jay Adkisson spoke on the panel "Captive Insurance Best Practices and the Defense of IRS Attacks"

2015 April 21 - San Francisco - Jay Adkisson and Robert Sommers presented "Ethical Considerations In Working With Clients And Collaborative Advisors" at the Business Succession Seminar for the California Continuing Education of the Bar

2015 April 16 - San Francisco - Jay Adkisson to moderated the panel "Protected Cell Captive Insurance Companies" and spoke on the panel "Limited Liability Entities - Current Bankruptcy Issues" at the Spring Symposium of the American Bar Association's Business Law Section

2015 March 13 - Oklahoma City - Jay Adkisson presented "Trusts and Asset Protection" to the Oklahoma Bar Association

2014 December 4 -- Jay Adkisson participated on the webinar panel "Asset Protection & Bankruptcy: What Estate Planners Need To Know", sponsored by the American Law Institute

2014 October 17 -- San Diego, CA -- Jay Adkisson and David Slenn presented two programs, "Ethics Issues In Asset Protection" and "Asset Protection Update and the New Uniform Voidable Transaction Act", at the Southern California Tax & Estate Planning Forum

2014 August 20 -- Newport Beach, CA -- Jay Adkisson presented "Asset Protection Update" at the Orange County Bar Assocation's Trusts & Estates Section

2014 July 10-11 -- Austin -- Jay Adkisson to presented "Charging Orders" at the University of Texas Continuing Legal Education Conference on LLCs, LPs and Partnerships

2014 May 14 -- Jay Adkisson was a panelist for the presentation "Why Clients Across the Spectrum are Increasingly Using Captive Insurance Risk Management" presented by the American Bar Association Section on Real Property, Trusts & Estates

2014 May 8 -- Miami -- Jay Adkisson presented "Fraudulent Transfers and Charging Orders" at the Florida Bar Tax Section seminar Asset Protection Industry Leaders Present Key Tools, Technologies, and Insights to Create a Successful Wealth Protection Plan

2014 May 4-6 -- Miami -- Jay Adkisson presented "Offshore Insurance Frauds, Schemes and Scams" at the OffshoreAlert Conference

2014 May 1-3 -- Kansas City -- Jay Adkisson presented "Asset Protection Hot Topics Update" at the Kansas City Estate Planning Symposium

2014 April 10-12 -- Los Angeles -- Jay Adkisson was the Moderator of a Panel presenting "Captive Insurance - Tax & Regulatory Update" at the Spring Meeting of the American Bar Association's Committee on Captive Insurance Companies of the Business Law Section

2014 March 26 -- Long Beach CA -- Jay Adkisson, Travis Farnsworth and Raymond Goldstein presented "Judgment Enforcement in California" sponsored by Lorman

2013 December 17 -- Jay Adkisson and Richard LeVine presented the CLE webinar "The Dangerous Side-Business: Ethical Considerations for Attorneys Who Offer Insurance or Financial Products" for the American Bar Association's Committee on Insurance & Financial Services in the Real Property Trusts & Estates Section

2013 November 1 - Pasadena - Panelist for the program "Creditors' Remedies In California" presented by Lorman

2013 October 24-26 - San Diego - Presented "Ethics of Asset Protection" and "Do Domestic Asset Protection Trusts Work?" at the Southern California Tax & Estate Planning Forum

2013 September 24 - With Ellisa Habbart presented "Creditors Remedies Against LLCs Other Than Charging Orders" presented by the American Bar Association Section on Real Property, Trusts & Estates

2013 July 23 - Teleconference panelist on the topic "When Does Fraudulent Transfer Law Trump Estate Planning" presented by the American Bar Association Section on Real Property, Trusts & Estates

2013 June 29 - Los Angeles - Presented "Ethics of Asset Protection" to the Southern California Tax & Estate Planning Forum

2013 May 6 - Phoenix - Presented "Asset Protection Advanced Update" to the Central Arizona Estate Planning Council

2013 April 23 - ABA Teleconference - Presented "Charging Orders" for the American Bar Association Section on Business Law Committee on Limited Partnerships and Unincorporated Entities

2013 April 4 - Washington DC - Chaired panel "Creditor Attacks on LLCs and LPs Other Than By Charging Orders" at the Spring Meeting of the American Bar Association's Business Law Section

2013 March 9 - Las Vegas - Presented "Does Asset Protection Work?" at the Asset Protection Workshop for WealthCounsel

2012 November 27 -- Pasadena CA -- Presented "Debt Collection Practices in California" sponsored by Lorman

2012 October 27 -- New Orleans -- Presented "Asset Protection for the Plastic Surgeon at the 2012 Convention of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

2012 October 18-19 -- Washington, D.C. -- Participated on a panel discussion regarding charging orders at the LLC Institute sponsored by the LPUE Committee of the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association

2012 October 13-14 -- Sacramento, CA -- Presented "Anatomy Of A Collection" at the annual meeting of the California Association of Judgment Professionals

2012 September 27 -- Tustin, CA -- "Chasing Judgments" to the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association

2012 October 2-3 -- Wilmington, DE -- "Conflicts-of-Law in Asset Protection Planning: Which Law Applies?" at the Delaware Trust Conference sponsored by the Delaware Bankers' Association

2012 May 3 -- New York, New York -- "Ethical Issues In Attorney Life Insurance And Annuity Sales" at the Spring Symposia of the American Bar Association's Section on Real Property, Trusts and Estates Law

2012 March 12 -- Scottsdale, Arizona -- "Avoiding Disasters With Captive Insurance Planning" at the 2012 Annual Conference of the Captive Insurance Companies Association

2012 March 24 -- Las Vegas, Nevada -- Chaired the 2012 Spring Meeting of the Committee on Captive Insurance Companies of the American Bar Association's Business Law Section

2012 February 15 -- Orange County CA -- "Judgment Enforcement in California" sponsored by Lorman

2011 November 9 -- Redlands, CA -- "Asset Protection in California" at the 32nd Annual Inland Empire Estate Planning Seminar

2011 October 26 -- San Diego -- "Asset Protection Hot Topics" at the 31st Annual Southern California Tax & Estate Planning Forum

2011 September 24 -- Denver -- "Asset Protection for the Plastic Surgeon" at Plastic Surgery 2011 sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

2011 September 29 -- Salt Lake City -- Panel presentation "Does Your 831(b) Captive Quack" at the Western Region Captive Insurance Conference ("Western Captive Round-Up")

2011 September 18 -- San Diego -- "Captive Insurance: Business Owner Risk Management and Wealth Accumulation" at the Financial Planning Association's FPA Experience 2011

2011 August 7 -- Toronto -- Moderated the panel "Captive Insurance Companies: Introduction and Update" sponsored by the American Bar Association's Committee on Captive Insurance at the Business Law Section's Annual Meeting

2011 June 10 -- Los Angeles -- "Asset Protection in California" at the First Annual Joint Northern and Southern California Forum Meeting of WealthCounsel

2011 May 3 -- Washington, D.C. -- "Asset Protection for the OB/GYN" at the Annual Clinical Meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

2010 November 17 -- Pasadena, CA, "Judgment Enforcement" sponsored by Lorman Education Services

2010 October 2 -- Toronto, Canada -- "Asset Protection for the Plastic Surgeon" at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

2010 October 9 -- Orlando, FL -- "Asset Protection for the Financial Services Professional" at the Annual Forum of the Society of Financial Services Professionals

2010 August 4 -- National Telephone Conference -- Jay Adkisson joined Professor Carter G. Bishop of the Suffolk University Law School to discuss the "reverse veil piercing" of limited liability companies and the recent Olmstead case in Florida where a single-member LLC failed to protect the assets of its debtor member. Presented by the Business Planning Group of the American Bar Association's Section on Real Property, Probate and Trust Planning.

2010 May 20 -- Allentown, PA -- "Asset Protection: Avoid the Landmines" at the Estate Planning Council for the Lehigh Valley

2010 May 15-19 -- San Francisco, CA -- "Asset Protection for the OB/GYN at the Annual Meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

2010 March 24 -- "Asset Protection: Avoid the Landmines" to the Phoenix Chapter of the Financial Planning Association

2010 March 5 -- Symposium on Foreign Asset Protection Trusts sponsored by the Pepperdine University College of Law

2010 February 5 -- "Asset Protection in Troubled Times" at the 130th Assembly of Bank Directors sponsored by the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University

2009 November 17 -- Philadelphia -- "Asset Protection in the Real World" at the luncheon of the Philadelphia Estate Planning Council

2009 November 7 -- Newport Beach CA -- "Busting Asset Protection Schemes" at the Annual Meeting of the California Association of Judgment Professionals

2009 October 9 -- San Diego -- "Asset Protection Planning" at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

2009 September 25 -- Chicago -- "Ethical Considerations in Asset Protection Planning" at the Joint Meeting of the American Bar Association's Tax and Real Property, Probate and Trust Sections

2009 September 23 -- Portland, OR -- Keynote speaker at the First Annual Oregon Captive Conference

2009 August 13 -- St. Petersburg FL -- "Insurance Schemes, Swindles and Cons" at the LIMRA Advanced Sales Meeting

2009 July 17 -- Anaheim, CA -- "The Dead Deadbeat" at the California Continuing Education of the Bar presentation "Death, Debt, and Taxes"

2009 May 5 -- Washington DC -- "Captive Insurance Companies" at the American Association of Life Underwriters

2009 May 4 -- Chicago -- "Asset Protection for the OB/GYN" at the annual meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

2009 May 1 -- Naples FL -- "An Incremental Approach to Asset Protection" for the Ohio State Alumni Club at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club.

2009 April 29 -- Palm Springs -- "Asset Protection and Financial Planning" at the Annual Retreat of the Financial Planning Association

2009 February 17 -- Houston -- "Captive Insurance" at the Houston Chapter of the Society of Financial Services Professionals

Numerous prior speaking appearances have been omitted from this list. Contact us if a full list is desired.


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